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Passengers (14-59):

0-30 months no seat

0-13 years with seat

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You are booking a trip with only children. Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult over-18s. as per General Conditions of Carriage.

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Subscribe now and find out all Italo Più benefits

Loyalty Program Italo Più

Subscribe now and find out all Italo Più benefits:

  • Award tickets and locomotive travels with your points
  • Special promotions reserved for Italo Più subscribers
  • Quick and safe purchases with credit card registration

Loyalty Card
Italo Più

Many exclusive benefits to help you in your purchases and give you extra value when travelling with Italo.
From now on, Italo Più points will always make you travel.

  • Your personal profile (username and password) allows you to be recognized at all times, both online and when contacting Pronto Italo.
  • You can register your credit card to speed up your purchases in a totally safe way. If you wish to pay through your PayPal account, you can match it to your Italo Più profile for quicker payments.
  • When on a train, your username and password allow a quick and free access to our Wi-Fi network and to Italolive, our onboard portal.
  • Your Borsellino Italo, your personal electronic account for managing your refunds and ticket purchases, will always be with you.
  • You can access special initiatives and promotions for Italo Più subscribers only.
  • After your third trip you receive your Italo Più Card, equipped with a proximity tracking technology that speeds up your purchases at Italo Self Service Ticket Machines.

Loyalty Card
Italo Più Privilege

Earn more than 10,000 qualifying points* and enjoy our Italo Più Privilege benefits:
  • 5 qualifying points plus 1 bonus point for every euro you spend on Italo
  • free access for you and your travelling partner, if any, to our Italo Lounge Club if you exhibit your Privilege Card
  • free onboard upgrade from Prima to Club Executive or from Club Executive Open Space to Club Executive Salotto on no-stop trains**, if you exhibit your Privilege Card
  • ability to transfer your Italo Più points;
  • fast access to our Contact Center;
  • access to reserved initiatives and promotions

* Qualifying points are points you only earn by purchasing an Italo ticket.
**The offer is subject to seat availability

Terms and Conditions

Please find below the full text concerning the rules of procedure of the Italo Più operation. We kindly invite you to take a look at the entire document and following accept the terms and condition during subscribing.

Download the PDF

How to earn

Through us

Earning points from your Italo trips is quick and easy: you will get * for every euro you spend when purchasing tickets for all journey ambiences.

All you have to do is purchase your ticket and specify your Italo Più personal code, which is assigned to you when you subscribe. When the trip is done, the corresponding points are automatically credited to your profile.

*Qualifying points are points you earn by simply purchasing an Italo ticket

Through our Partners

Purchase services offered by Italo partners to earn even more Italo Più points. Always tell the partner your Italo Più code so the points will be credited directly to your profile.

The number of points you get for every Euro spent depends on the conditions agreed on with individual partners; always check how many points you will earn for each service.

How to
use your points

Award tickets

Travel free on Italo! Use your Italo Più points to get award tickets. Find out how many points you still need to earn to get your free ticket.  

Club Executive
(es. Bologna-Firenze;
(es. Roma-Bologna; Milano-Firenze)
(es. Milano-Roma; Torino-Napoli)

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Locomotive trip

Enjoy the real excitement of an Italo high speed travel! Our Train Manager will guide you through the train cockpit.

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Partner Italo Più


Hertz, the world’s leading car and van rental company, offers Italo Più members points and special rates on car rentals in Italy and all over the world.
Always quote your Italo Più code when booking a car or when you pick it up, and you will receive:

3 Italo Più points for every Euro you spend on car rental in Italy or abroad, at regular rates, at the Italo rate with your Ticket Code or at the Italo Più rate*

1 Italo Più point Più for every Euro you spend on car rental at corporate rates in Italy.**

Book with and receive promo vouchers worth 40 euros!
Enter your Italo Più code each time you book a hotel in Italy or abroad via the website and receive,numerous benefits.

You will receive 2 vouchers* worth 20 euros each, to use to purchase Italo tickets, for every 1000 euros spent by 31/03** at hotels included on the portal and booked via the hotel.italotreno.itwebsite.

Consult he terms and conditions of the promotion.

Loyalty Program Italo Più

Where do you go?