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Destinations & Timetable

Italo stops at
Milan Rho Fiera

With Italo you can arrive directly at Fiera Milano (the Milan Fair complex) with a special stop made at the station Milano Rho Fiera even during the next events on September:

  • HOMI 13-16 September 2019
  • MICAM e MIPEL 15-18 September 2019
  • MILAN GAMES WEEK 27 - 29 September 2019
  • LINEA PELLE 2 - 4 October 2019
  • HOST 18 - 22 October 2019

New connections
to and from Naples!

  • Three new services from/to Naples and Bolzano, Trento and Rovereto!
    Heading north, two new departures from Naples at 5.50 am and 2.55 pm with arrival in Bolzano at 12.00 midday and 9.00 pm respectively. Heading south there is a new departure from Bolzano at 12.41 pm which arrives in Naples 6.50 pm.
  • A new train for Naples from Venice
    A new morning departure from Venice at 8.00 am, arriving in Naples at 1.20 pm.
  • More news to and from Naples
    Heading south: two new departure times from Milan at 6.25 am and 3.35 pm, arriving in Naples at 11.10 am and 8.25 pm as well as a new service from Turin at 2.10, with arrival in Naples at 8.25 pm.
    Heading north: two new departure times from Naples. The first is at 11.25 am, arriving in Milan at 4.15 pm. In the afternoon, there is a departure at 1.55 pm, arriving in Venice at 7.00 pm.

New routes
Trento, Bolzano and Rovereto

New connections for Trento, Bolzano and Rovereto.

  • The splendid Dolomites are closer than ever thanks to Italo’s new daily routes to and from Trento, Bolzano and Rovereto. The three destinations in the Trentino Alto Adige region can be easily and comfortably reached via Italo’s Alta Velocità (High Speed) trains from Salerno, Naples Centrale, Rome, Florence, Bologna,Verona.
  • Daily services between Bolzano, Trento and Rovereto in Trentino and Rome double from two to four, with three of these continuing on to Naples and one going on to Salerno. There is a new service leaving Bolzano at 12.41 pm, arriving at Rome Termini at 5.25 pm, then Naples Centrale at 6.50 pm and then reaching Salerno at 8.00 pm. If you're heading north to Bolzano, there is the new service departing Naples at 5.50 am, stopping at Rome Termini at 7.15 am and reaching Bolzano at 12.00 midday. Alternatively, there is also a new departure from Napoli Centrale at 2.55 pm, departing Rome Termini at 4.15 pm and arriving in Bolzano at 9.00 pm.

New routes
from and to Florence

  • New departures from Florence!
    For Bolzano - A new departure from Florence Santa Maria Novella station at 8.54 am arrives in Bolzano at 12.00 midday. There is also a new departure time of 5.54 pm with arrival in Bolzano at 9.00 pm.
    For Rome - A new service depart at 3.54 om and arrives in Rome at 5.25 pm.
    For Naples - Daily departures for Naples increase from 15 to 18!
    Three new services from Florence at 10.33 am, 5.33 pm and 7.33 pm with arrival in Naples at 1.20pm, 8.25 pm and 10.25 pm respectively. There are also two new departure times at 8.23 am and 3.52 pm, arriving in Naples at 11.10 am and 6.50 pm.
    For Salerno - Daily departures to Salerno double from 3 to 6!
    Three new services from Florence at 3.52 pm, 7.33 pm and 7.52 pm with arrival in Salerno at 8.00 pm, 11.15 pm and 11.32 pm. There is also a new departure time of 6.13 with arrival in Salerno at 10.09 pm.

  • New departures to Florence!
    From Rome -A new connection departing at 5.15 pm with arrival in Florence at 6.46 pm.
    From Bolzano -A new service departing at 12.41 pm with arrival at Florence Santa Maria Novella at 3.44 pm includes new intermediary stops with departure times as follows: Trento (1.12 pm), Rovereto (1.27 pm), Verona Porta Nuova (2.17 pm) and Bologna (3.10 pm). From Naples -A new afternoon service depart at 1.55 pm, arriving in Florence at 4.46 pm, whilst there is a new departure time of 11.25 am with arrival in Florence at 2.17 pm.
    From Salerno -A new service leaves at 7.37 am and arrives in Florence at 10.17 whilst there are two new departure times: 6.31 am with arrival in Florence at 10.17 and 8.53, arriving in Florence at 12.46 pm.

on connections

New departures from and to Florence

A new service with departure at 7.25 from Florence, arriving in Turin at 10.24 pm. Another new departure time from Florence of 6.54 pm with arrival in Venice at 8.54 pm. From Milan, a new departure time of 6.25 am, arriving in Florence at 8.23 am. From Ferrara, two new departure times of 10.59 am and 4.59 pm with arrival in Florence at 12.05 pm and 6.05 pm respectively.

More trains to and from Bologna

There is a new service departing Milan Centrale at 9.10 am, arriving at Rome Termini at 12.14 with a stop at Bologna Centrale at 10.12, offering even greater choice for the many residents of Bologna who regularly travel to the Capital.

More trains between Turin and Rome

New three extended non-stop services, with departure from Turin at 12.05 pm and 2.50 pm, arriving at Rome Termini at 4.14 pm and 7.14 pm respectively. From Rome, there is a non-stop train which leaves at 7.10 pm and arrives in Turin at 11.23 pm.

Milan – Rome: a train every 30 minutes

Now there are even more connections between Rome and Milan, with an increase from 40 to 50 a day, including a train every 30 minutes during the middle of the day. We’ve also added several new NO STOP services, including one which departs Milan at 6.00 am and arrives at Rome’s Roma Termini at 8.59 am.

Best Offers

Milan - Rome

Bologna - Milan

Florence - Turin

Venice - Rome

Milan - Naples

Florence - Rome


A combined bus-train ticket for new destinations

Italobus brings High Speed connections to yet more cities throughout Italy with one handy ticket allowing you to start your journey by train and complete it in an Italo-branded bus. This service, offering the renowned Italo standards of comfort, connects cities within the Reggio Emilia station network with a host of towns in the Mediopadana area of Northern Italy; in the south area, cities in Campania, Basilicata and Calabria with Salerno and Napoli rail station.

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