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Connect to the Italo Live portal and discover a wealth of complimentary entertainment options. Browse the Internet at will by entering your ticket code or, if you are registered with Italo Più, your username and password. You can even purchase tickets for your next trip with just a couple of clicks.

Discover the new Italo free Wi-Fi

With the new Italo free Wi-Fi you are immediately connected

Wi-Fi Italo

Quick, trouble-free connection in three little steps:

- Connect to the .italo network
- Enter your email address in the pop-up window
- Start your trouble-free browsing session on board straight away!

Connection guaranteed for the entirety of the journey!

Did you play at 300 km/h?

Next stop GAMES station on our free onboard entertainment service.



You choose between three digital games: the timeless Checkers, the mainstream card game Solitaire and the funny Connect Four. The section will increase its offer in summer with three traditional Italian card game: Scopa, Briscola and Asso Piglia Tutto. In collaboration with Digitalmoka all the games are original Dal Negro: the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Lights, camera, action!

With Italo you can enjoy great films from around the world from the comfort of your seat for free!

Cinema by Medusa


Every month we bring you a fantastic selection of films which you can view on our high-definition screens. Bring your own headphones or, if you don’t have them, you can purchase them from our on-board staff. So sit back, relax and enjoy the entertainment with Italo.
Various films are at your fingertips. Choose from family, comedy, action, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy , drama, cartoons and romance and be swept up in the entertainment of a great film.

Relax and enjoy the journey, Italo will thinks about the music!

Log-in to Music free section and start listening.



8 playlists designed to satisfy all kinds of music from pop-rock to rap and much more in collaboration with Radio 105, Virgin Radio, R101 and Radio Subasio.
Select the playlist that you prefer, click the play button and enjoy hours of music on board, continuing your navigation on the portal or on the internet, for a hit parade travel experience.

More Italo Live services

  • John Peter Sloan is a renowned teacher who has developed a method which makes learning English fun. On our trains you’ll find his programme “L’inglese” which is divided into four areas, each with three levels: Grammar, Pronunciation, Real English and Vocabulary.
  • 52 episodes of Geronimo Stilton
    Enter the world of Geronimo Stilton, the much-loved mouse journalist, and accompany him on his cartoon adventures as you travel.
  • Documentaries by Sailing & Travel
    Take a look at the online travel series #vadoaquelpaese produced by Sailing and Travel Magazine and discover some of the world’s most beautiful spots.
  • Live News by Ansa
    With the Ansa news site you’ll stay up to date with live sport, business and entertainment news.
  • Onboard magazine
    Italo, I Sensi del Viaggio is our new monthly magazine which you’ll find on board every Italo train. Let your five senses guide you through a journey of the wonderful jewels that Italy has to offer from fashion to music and cinema, from culture to wellbeing.
  • Weather forecast by 3BMeteo
    Up-to-date weather forecasts for Italy.

Online news and Digital books!

Browse the Italian newspapers and find a selection of over 40 e-books provided by publishing house Rizzoli Libri.

Online news and digital books kiosk

Browse the Italian newspapers with just a simple click.
You’ll find a selection of over 40 e-books provided by publishing house Rizzoli Libri. There’s nothing like a book to accompany you on your travels so sit back, relax and lose yourself in great story!

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