Catering on board

The catering service on board includes: a paid offer, Italo Selection, with a wide selection of sandwiches, focaccia and piadine and drinks; Snack Area with vending machines for coffee and drinks in each of our trains, for a pleasant break during your trip; a Welcome Service, free of charge, reserved for customers travelling in Ambiente Prima; a catering service dedicated to customers travelling in Ambiente Club Executive.

Discover the Catering Service on board Italo.

A wide selection of fresh sandwiches, focaccia and piadine prepared every day.

Italo Selection is our on-board catering proposal for everyone, for a fee and convenient, which allows you to enjoy your meal comfortably in place.
How does it work?
The service is provided on board, after the departure of the train. Just communicate your choice directly to the staff and the chosen product will be served in your place. Payment will be made upon delivery.
Service provided on selected trains.

The service has been temporarily suspended to ensure the safety of our passengers and our staff.

For a short break, on board Italo trains you can also buy espresso, cold drinks and snacks at the vending machines. On Italo AGV trains are located in Coach 3 and Snack Area of Car 7 while on Italo EVO trains you can find them in Coach 3 and Coach 6.

Welcome Service in Prima Ambience

Dedicated catering service in Club Executive Ambience


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