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Rome - Bolzano

22,9 €
Routes Tickets from

Bolzano - Rome

22,9 €

From Rome to Bolzano by train

🚉 Departure Rome
🚄 ArrivalBolzano
⌚ Trip duration 4 hours and 53 minutes
💰 PriceTickets from [PRICE]€
📍 Distance 520 km
🚅 Daily trains 4

Travelling from Rome to Bolzano by train is a fast and economical journey. The Rome-Bolzano route is 520 km long and the journey with Italo takes 4 hours and 53 minutes. The price of this trip starts from [PRICE]€, a convenient price to enjoy a round trip to visit beautiful Bolzano.

The Italo trains offer departures from Rome (Termini) and arrivals in Bolzano on the Rome-Bolzano routes.

Journey details

Want to know more about your journey? Following you'll find the frequently asked questions by our customers and some tips for your journey.

  • The direct distance between Rome and Bolzano is 520 km but the high speed trains travel along the 614 Km of track that connects the two cities, reaching maximum speeds of 300 Km/h per hour.

  • It generally takes Italo trains 4 hours and 53 minutes to get to Bolzano from Rome though this depends on the date, time and day of the week. Check out train times to plan your trip.

  • Every day, Italo has 4 trains scheduled to depart from Rome to Bolzano and from Bolzano to Rome. You can find the schedule that is most convenient for you anytime, from the early morning until late in the evening. Check out train times to plan your trip.

  • Ticket prices for Italo trains from Rome to Bolzano start around 22,9 €. If you buy your ticket in advance, the price will be low - with Italo you can take advantage of great deals and discounts. See what deals are waiting for you on our train ticket offers page.

  • If you’re looking for the destination of your next day trip, with Italo you can take advantage of the round trip deal. The deal lets you change the date and time of your ticket as many times as you want, up to three gdays before it is scheduled to leave and offers great savings when it comes to the cost of travel. With this deal you can even travel to Bolzano for the day to do some shopping before heading back to Rome.

  • Italo offers great deals on tickets for its clients, subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date on discounts and promotions.

  • The fastest way to Romefrom Bolzano is by Italo’s direct high-speed train, which doesn’t make stops at any other stations along the route. The non-stop train takes roughly 4 hours and 53 minutes to make the distance between Rome and Bolzano

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Rome - Bolzano connections

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Let yourself be inspired, travel with Italo Mini guide: what to visit in Rome and Bolzano

Traveling to Rome
Traveling to Bolzano
Traveling to Rome

Rome is a city rich in history, culture and tradition, a perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday. The capital of Italy, once considered the cradle of Western civilization, is a unique city, with some of the most important monuments and museums in the world. To discover all that Rome has to offer, take the Italo train and explore the eternal city.

A visit to Rome usually starts with a walk in front of the Colosseum, one of the largest monuments of antiquity, followed by the Imperial Fora, a complex of ancient buildings built by Roman emperors. A short distance away is Piazza Venezia, the heart of the city, with the Senatorial Palace and the Vittoriano dominating the scene. From here, you can reach the historic Trevi Fountain, the largest fountain in Rome, with its exclusive Baroque design.

For a more spiritual experience, head to the Vatican Museums, where you can admire Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and the collection of artworks of the MUSES. The Basilica of St. Peter's, deserves a visit, as well as the Pantheon, one of the oldest buildings in Rome, which can be accessed for free.

There are also many lesser-known places worth visiting. The Orange Garden, for example, is a beautiful park located on the Aventine Hill, with orange trees and a panoramic view of the roofs of Rome. Also the Trastevere quarter must be explored, with its narrow alleys and its famous taverns.

For a taste of Roman cuisine, you can't miss the traditional cacio e pepe or amatriciana, but also the excellent Jewish cuisine of the Jewish Ghetto or the delicious Japanese dishes of the Ostiense quarter. If you are a lover of shopping, head to the luxury streets of Piazza di Spagna and Via del Corso, where you can find the luxury collections of Italian designers such as Armani, Dolce and Gabbana and Prada, or even international chains.

Finally, don't forget the annual events that Rome offers, such as the opening of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy wanted by Pope Francis, the Rome Fashion Week, the Artigiano in Fiera and the Salone del Mobile.

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Traveling to Bolzano

Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol, is a charming Italian city located between the mountains of South Tyrol, with its history and traditions blending together to create a unique culture. With its breathtaking views, its flavors, its products, its snow-capped peaks and its many colors, Bolzano is a destination not to be missed.

If you want to discover the culture of the region, the first stop of your visit should be Walther Square where you will find the statue of the German composer, writer and poet from Bolzano, and from there the church of St. James with its 47-meter bell tower. For those who wish to know the history of Bolzano, the South Tyrol Archaeological Museum is worth a visit, with its archaeological finds testifying to the existence of a Roman settlement in the city.

For nature lovers, a walk between the rocks and crystal clear waters of the Bolzano Nature Park is an unforgettable experience. Here you will find a fairy tale waterfall and a variety of endemic plants that will leave you breathless. If you are a mountain lover, a trip to the Renon Mountains will reward you with some of the most beautiful views of Italy.

The historic center of Bolzano is a real open-air museum, with its alpine-style houses and its lively squares. The Grain Square is one of the most characteristic places of Bolzano, with its Baroque-style buildings and its decorative fountains. Among the alleys of the historic center you can also find numerous shops of handicrafts and local specialties, such as the famous speck, a typical sausage of the region.

To savor the cuisine of Bolzano, what better than the Pfeifer restaurant, with its modern South Tyrolean cuisine, or the Bottega dei Sapori, where you can taste the local products. For an even more authentic culinary experience, try the restaurant of the South Tyrolean Speck Foundation, where you can best appreciate the deliciousness of this typical salami.

If you have decided to visit Bolzano, the convenience of the Italo train will allow you to reach the city in a few minutes. There is no better way to start a vacation than to admire the panorama of the South Tyrolean mountains from the train window! Why wait? Book your Italo ticket to Bolzano now!


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