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Passengers (14-59):

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You are booking a trip with only children. Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult over-18s. as per General Conditions of Carriage.

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Get on board
on Italo

Quality and comfort tailored to your needs. Our broad offer of journey ambiences, each with its own features and services, allows you to pick your own traveling style and never compromise on quality. 

We do not have classes, but 4 journey ambiences: Smart, Comfort, Prima and Club Executive, allowing for 5 different traveling styles.

Get on board: we’re waiting for you.

Our concept of service is based upon accurately balancing three key factors: a custom service, an ongoing assistance and best comfort.

Custom service
Every day, we are committed to best supporting you before, during and after your trip. You can contact us at any time via our phone desk and our website and choose from a broad portfolio of ticket offers and collateral services, designed to make your traveling experience as worry- and hassle-free as possible.

Ongoing assistance
Our professionally-trained staff and the high-end technology of our trains allow us to always ensure an ad hoc assistance at any time of your trip and provide you with accurate and timely details and answers to your enquires.

Best comfort
Traveling on a high-speed Italo train also means enjoying a comfortable and safe experience in a cozy, bright ambience, ensuring the highest level of safety, in compliance with European rules.

  • Smart
  • Comfort
  • Prima
  • Club Executive

Travel Smart

  • cin Cinema coach
  • Reclining leather seats
  • 6 Free Wi-Fi Internet

Smart journey

Affordable, comfortable, convenient. Travelling in a Smart ambience means enjoying in a smart travelling experience combining self-service and comfort. 

Vibrant with colours, this journey ambience provides services such as reclining Frau leather seats, footrests, individual power sockets and independent tables. A high number of seats is available in our 7 Smart coaches, all with free Wi-Fi connection

Coach 7 features a small Snack Area, with vending machines for some affordable espresso coffee, cold drinks and snacks.

Travel in Comfort

  • xl Extra space
  • Reclining leather seats
  • 6 Free Wi-Fi Internet


Affordability with extra space. In our Comfort journey ambience you can enjoy a perfect mix between the affordability of Smart and the comfort of Prima.

The optimized layout of the ample reclining Frau seats, equipped with footrest and an individual power socket, ensures a better freedom of movement. Seats are arranged in three rows and separated by a wide aisle; you can also select a single-seat station and enjoy an even wider space.

A free Wi-Fi connection is available.

Travel in Prima

  • Welcome service
  • Welcome service
  • xl Extra space
  • Reclining leather seats
  • 6 Free Wi-Fi Internet

Your Comfort
is served

Maximum relax, unique service. Our onboard staff is ready to welcome you with a selection of sweets, snacks, warm drinks and cold beverages. 

Our reclining Frau leather seats are equipped with soft individual armrests, and they ensure a wide personal space and freedom of movement. And if you select the single-seat option, your trip can be even more comfortable. When you need to stretch your legs, the Break Area is equipped with vending machines with espresso coffee, cold drinks and snacks. 

Also, a number of small utilities is available for each passenger: a power socket, a reading light control, a glove compartment placed between double seats. Plus, a free Wi-Fi connection is always available.

Travel in Club Executive

  • Lounge Italo Club Free Access
  • Private Lounges
  • Welcome service
  • Extra space
  • Welcome service
  • 6 Free Wi-Fi Internet

A unique

Tailor-made privacy and excellence. Located at the head or tail of the train, with no passengers walking-through, our Club Executive coach only features 19 seats, provided as either an “open space” area with wide personal spaces and comfortable Frau leather seats, or 2 lounges, equipped with personal wardrobes, which can be reserved en bloc for max 4 passengers. 

We will be glad to welcome you at the platform and assist you when placing your luggage in either your coach secure area or in the practical and refined wardrobes reserved for our lounge guests. Once on board, you will be offered a nice espresso coffee and a selection of bakery or pastry products and hot and cold beverages. 


Free Internet Wi-Fi

Our trains provide a free Internet connection in all journey ambiences, accessed via a Wi-Fi connection. To connect your pc or mobile device, just sign in to our Italolive portal and authenticate using your Ticket Code or the username and password provided during your registration.

Assistance to passengers with disabilities

We are committed to ensure maximum accessibility to people with disabilities and reduced mobility. Coach 8 in our Smart ambience features 2 seats for travelers in wheelchairs, located near the reserved toilet for people with reduced mobility and near the Snack Area vending machines in Coach 7. All toilets and seat numbers have Braille markings for the visually impaired.

Assistance to passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility is also provided at stations. Our staff will wait for you at the agreed meeting point (to be specified during your reservation with our “Pronto Italo” Contact Center at 06.07.08) at least 30 minutes prior to departure time.

You can request this service up until 1 hour prior to departure time in the 8-22 timeframe at the following stations: Firenze Santa Maria Novella, Bologna Centrale, Napoli Centrale, Venezia Santa Lucia. For all other stations, the request must be made 12 hours prior to departure time. The availability of this service is not guaranteed in Milano Rogoredo.

When requesting assistance, you will be asked to provide documental proof of your temporary or permanent disability.


Worry-free luggage

Your luggage can be stored in the easily accessible luggage-racks and glove compartments inside our Smart coaches or under the seats and in the special CCTV-monitored luggage spaces in the coach vestibules. Some coaches of our Smart, Comfort and Prima ambiences also feature some practical lockers.


Cinema coach

And… action! If you travel in a Smart ambience, you can reserve your seat in our special cinema coach and enjoy one of our movies. Featuring 39 seats and located at the head or tail of the train, where passenger walk-throughs are minimized, this ambience combines entertainment and privacy via 8 high definition 19” screens.

Discover the weekly schedule for each movie for April and May.

We provide the movies and the big screens: you just have to bring your own ear plugs!

Shows start shortly after departure from Milan and Verona\Venice (for North-to-South trains) or Rome (for South-to-North trains).

At the end of shows or on all other travel routes, such as from Milan to Turin, from Salerno to Naples and from Naples to Rome, you can enjoy other entertainment contents.



Small-size dogs, cats and other pets are welcome on our trains.

Dogs over 10 kilograms.
You can book this service up to 2 hours prior to departure time by calling our “Pronto Italo” Contact Center at 06.07.08. This service is only provided for Flex (subject to availability) in Smart, Comfort and Prima ambiences. The price is 50€.

Animals under 10 kilograms

All pets weighing under 10 kilograms can travel on our trains, provided they are transported in suitable travel containers (one per traveler) and kept in the luggage spaces or next to your seat.

Animals travelling with passengers from abroad must be accompanied by relevant ID systems and passports as set forth by EC regulation no. 998/2003, where applicable. All dogs must travel with their registration certificate.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs assisting visually impaired passengers travel free of charge and with no size or weight limitation applied. Dangerous pets or animals with diseases that are transmittable to humans are not allowed on our trains.

Dogs over 10 kilograms

Big-size dogs are allowed onboard provided they are kept on a leash and use a muzzle when getting on and off the train and whenever requested by the NTV staff.

Safety first

Ensuring a safe journey is our priority, both onboard and when accessing a train. That’s why luggage spaces are located away from seats and all vestibules are monitored by CCTV cameras that are constantly overseen by the Train Manager. Our staff is trained to handle emergency situations both onboard and off the train. Video Surveillance policy

Vending machines

You can easily and conveniently buy an espresso coffee, a cold drink or a snack from our vending machines located in Coach 3 of our Prima ambience and in the Snack Area of Coach 7 of our Smart ambience.

Italo junior

Are you unable to travel with your children? This is no problem at all: our “Italo Junior” service features a special reserved area inside our Club Executive ambience for young passengers aged 7-13. This area is supervised by our specialized onboard staff. Not only children travel in a quiet and safe environment, but their travelling experiences is made enjoyable via a set of funny toys and games.

Each young guest is assigned an ID badge including all travelling documents. Upon arrival, our onboard staff will transfer custody of children to the person appointed by their parents.

The price includes a ticket in our Club Executive ambience, with Flex or Economy offer, plus an assistance fee that varies according to your travel distance: €30 for a single route and €60 for other connections. For example, a Milan-Rome Economy trip costs €119, while a Rome-Naples trip costs €60.

Italo Junior can be purchased for all trains with a departure time after 8.00 and an arrival no later than 20.00. You can only reserve this ticket by calling our “Pronto Italo” Contact Center at 06.07.08 up to 7 days prior to the departure date.

A responsible

Respect for individuals, time as a value, environmental sustainability: these are the three principles of our mission as a sustainable company that “makes a difference” in the transport industry.

This is an everyday commitment for us, as we wish to provide a service that best fulfills the needs of our passengers and of the surrounding world.

Respect for individuals
We believe that respecting individuals means ensuring our passengers get an ad hoc assistance, are timely informed and experience quality human relations. Also, we ensure that our staff works in optimal conditions.

Time as a value
We believe that time is a value that must be constantly capitalized. That’s why we make sure that businessmen can work on our trains just as they would in their offices, that travelers can enjoy a nice relax and some good food and that curious tourists can easily explore places and art locations across Italy.

Environmental sustainability
We believe that development and sustainability are tightly connected, and such principle is a best practice in all of our activities: we like to keep you informed about the CO2 emissions of your trip on the website and tickets, compared to those made by a car or a plane on the same route; we monitor the sustainability level of our activities in compliance with European standards; we encourage separate garbage collection onboard.

Where do you go?