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New destinations

From April 27 with Italobus you can reach several Calabrian cities. With one ticket, passengers arrive and depart directly from Salerno station with Italobus, fast and convenient with a schedule that allows to connect with the new destinations.

The bus network

Italobus, the train-bus connection

High comfort and high speed.
Italo has introduced a new service called Italobus, integrated rail – road transport, which connects main trains stations to many italian city. From Reggio Emilia high speed train station Italobus connects Modena, Parma, Mantova and many other towns of Mediopadana area; Milano Rogoredo high speed train station is connected with Capriate, Orio al Serio and Bergamo; Verona high speed train station is connected with Trento and Rovereto; Salerno high speed train station with Picerno, Potenza, Ferrandina, Matera and Taranto.

Buy a combination ticket*: leave by train and arrive at your destination with a bus (or viceversa), for an easy door-to-door journey.

Train-bus tickets are sold through the usual Italo sales channels.

The single bus ticket cannot be sold separately.

Discover all our
travel destinations

Italobus: the best way to discover Mediopadana area.  
Reach Parma, Modena, Carpi, Mantova and Cremona by Italobus, train and bus in a single-ticket. At the interchange station Reggio Emilia AV you will find Italobus waiting for you to continue with the journey to:  
Italobus: the best way to discover Bergamo
From December 11 with Italobus you can reach Orio al Serio and Capriate, in addition to Bergamo ( can’t buy Bergamo-Milano, but “Bergamo-Roma”).

At the interchange station Milano Rogoredo you will find Italobus waiting for you to continue with the journey to:
Italobus: the best way to discover the South
Italobus has extended its network with its new daily service to the South with a train/bus connection at Salerno.
Two daily links, allow travellers to reach the southern destinations from main Italo stations (i.e you can’t buy Potenza-Salerno bus, but “Potenza-Napoli”).

At the interchange station Salerno you will find Italobus waiting for you to continue with the journey to:  

New Verona-Trento service 
Italobus now connects Verona Porta Nuova station (Bus stop: Piazza XXV Aprile in front of the railway station) with Rovereto and Trento: Rovereto and Trento have four daily connections with Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples.

Where do you go?