Italo Più levels


How Italo Più Points work

Reach new levels by earning Level Points with your trips on Italo.
Earning points is easy, reaching new levels is even easier!

Sign up for Italo Più

Once you have signed up for the program, start travelling with Italo right away


Reach exclusive benefits

By reaching new levels you get more and more benefits for a year

Accumulate level points

Choose the Economy or Flex fare , Travel Pack 10 or Same Day Round Trip for your trips and earn Level Points

The benefits of Italo Più levels

Italo Più has 4 loyalty levels: discover them all to get new benefits. Your next level with just a few trips away.

from 800 level points
just 3 trips**
from 2.500* level points
just 5 round trips**
from 6.500* level points
just 13 round trips**
Earn more points thanks to your level
- +5% points +10% points +20% points
Avoid the queue at the station and quickly access the platform
- 2 free access 6 free accesses Unlimited access
Superior environment for a longer trip comfortable
- 2 free upgrade 6 free upgrade Unlimited access
Wait for your train in the exclusive Italo Club Lounges
- - Unlimited access Unlimited access with a companion
For your travels
- - - -10% for travel in Flex, Prima and Club
Personalize your trip
- - Free Free

  • *Promotion runs until 28/04/2024.
    **This means medium/long distance journeys on a Flex fare and in Prima Business Class. For example the Milan-Naples and Rome-Milan routes.

    The extra bonus points will be awarded to you directly on your Italo Più balance, at the end of the journey, in accordance with the means envisaged by the Regulation. The extra bonus points are on promotion until 28/04/2024;

    To benefit from the Fast Track service, it is necessary to show Italo staff in the station your digital loyalty card by logging on to or on the App together with a valid ticket. It is understood that the Fast Track service is accessible only in the Italo AV train’s departure station.

    To benefit from the Class upgrade, it is necessary to contact Italo Assistenza on 892020 (calls are charged). The upgrade is available from Smart to Prima Business, subject to availability. The upgrade only applies with reference to Italo AV trains and is available on selected trains.

    To benefit from access to Italo Club Lounges, it is necessary to show staff your loyalty card and a valid ticket for a journey to be made on the day you request access. It is understood that the aforementioned benefit is limited to the departure station Lounge of the Italo AV train. For the Privilege and Platinum levels access for any accompanying traveller is allowed provided that they are travelling on the same train as the Cardholder and this is on promotion until 28/04/2024.

    The discount available only to Platinum Level cardholders is valid for the purchase, from their own Personal Area, of Flex tickets in the Prima and Club Executive ambiences. The discount is reserved to journeys undertaken by Platinum Level cardholders and any accompanying person. The aforementioned discount is valid for journeys to be made by 31/03/2024. The discount applies only for the purchase of an ITALO AV train and/or ITALO AV train + ITABUS ticket.

    The free choice of seat is on promotion until 28/04/2024. The free choice of seat applies only for ITALO AV trains.

    The benefits are understood as valid only for Italo Più cardholders, unless otherwise indicated.


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