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Frequently Asked Questions

Italo Più Points

  • If you believe that you are missing points or that your balance is incorrect, we recommend that you firstly check to see if you correctly inserted your Italo code when you purchased your ticket. Please also check that you didn't use a promotional code which cannot be used in conjunction with Italo Più. In all other cases, please call Italo Assistance on 892020 (or, if you are calling from abroad +39 06 89 37 18 92). Points will usually be credited within 24 hours of completing your journey but in some cases this may take up to 7 days.
  • You can add your Italo Più code to a booking up until 3 minutes before your train departs. Simply go to italotreno.it and log in to your account. Click on "Change booking" and insert your name, surname and ticket code. In the "Travel Summary" page simply click on the CONNECT ITALO PIU' button and you'll be directed to the "Your details" page where you can insert your Italo Più code against your ticket. Click on "Continue" and close the ticket and that way you will be credited with the points once your journey has been completed. Alternatively, you can call Italo Assistance up to 3 minutes before the scheduled departure on +39 89 20 20 (calls to this number cost).
  • Points are credited to your account once your journey has been completed. If you have purchased a product or service from one of our reward partners your points will appear within 45 days of having used or received that product or service. If you have requested to transfer points from one of our partner's loyalty programmes, it may take up to 45 days for your points to appear on your Italo Più account.
  • You can continue to collect points until 16 March 2020. Any points earned up to that date can be redeemed for travel up to and including 31 March 2020.
  • Only the cardholder can accumulate points and only for travel purchased and undertaken in his or her name.

Personal Data and Preferences

  • On the Home page in the "Login" section, click on "Forgot your password?". You then just need to insert the email address associated with your Italo Più account and we will send you an email with your new password.
  • Your email address is also your username and you can change it by logging into the personal area and clicking on "Personal data and preferences". You then need to click on "Change username" and insert your new email. In cases where you already have an Italo Più code and want to transfer it to a Italo Più Corporate card, you should logging into your personal area and clicking on "Personal data / Preferences". Then, you need to click on "Change Username - Become an Italo Più Corporate Member". We would remind you that you can transfer to Italo Più Corporate only if your company has a business account with Italo.
  • You can change your details by simply going to your personal area and choosing the "Personal Data and Preferences" section.
  • If this happens, you will need to reset your password by going to the Log In section of italotreno.it. You will be asked to insert your username and then you will receive a temporary password which will allow you to access your profile.
  • You can cancel your account by accessing your personal area then clicking on “Personal Data and Preferences” and then scroll down towards the bottom of the page where you’ll find “Delete your Italo account”. Any tickets you have purchased for trips not yet completed will remain valid. We would remind you that if you have any credit in your Borsellino Italo or current products in your account, you will not be able to process the cancellation. If you would like to remain enrolled in the Italo Più programme but do not wish to receive communications of a commercial nature, you can change your Privacy options on the “Personal Data and Preferences” page of your account. Alternatively you can send an email to ntv.ntvprivacy@ntvspa.it with your request.

Bonus Tickets

  • You need to claim any bonus tickets no later than 31 March 2020.
  • Once you’ve reached the minimum amount of points required you can request a reward by clicking on My personal area of our website. Simply select Buy with points. Alternatively you can redeem your points by contacting the Italo Help Desk on 892020 (or, if you are calling from abroad +39 06 89371892). A reward ticket is valid for 180 days from the date of issue.
  • If you wish to change the name on the bonus ticket you can do that at no charge. If you want to change the date or time of a journey this can be done for a small fee of €10. No changes can be made to the travel ambience or route, however. You can make changes up until 3 minutes before the commencement of your trip by going to My Personal Area on italtreno.it or by contacting the Italo Help Desk on 892020 (or, if you are calling from abroad +39 06 89371892). If you cancel a bonus ticket we cannot reimburse the points and no cash alternative is available.
  • A bonus ticket is valid for 180 days from the date it is requested.

Italo Più Cards

  • Once you’ve registered with the Italo Più programme you’ll receive your unique Italo Più code which enables you to access your profile and accumulate points. You’ll automatically be enrolled in our base programme but you won’t need a physical card for this. Once you’ve earnt enough points to qualify for Italo Più Privilege, you’ll receive a card in the post within a month of attaining Privilege status. Our Italo Più Corporate clients will not receive a physical card.
  • If your Privilege card goes missing you should contact the Italo Help Desk on 892020 (or, if you are calling from abroad +39 06 89371892).

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