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Florence to Bologna train stops

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Firenze S.M. Novella
Bologna Centrale

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Mini Guide, what to visit in Florence and Bologna

Travel to Florence
Traveling to Bologna
Travel to Florence

Talking about cities of art takes on its full meaning only when you visit Florence, a work of art to be discovered thanks to the Italo train, which will take you directly to the cradle of the Renaissance! Arriving by train in Florence is worth the journey: the Santa Maria Novella station is located a few steps from the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, a masterpiece of the Florentine Renaissance and recognizable by its white marble facade. Inside you can admire its museum, which is located in the cloister of the basilica. With a pleasant walk you will reach the historic center without problems, where the jewel of Florence will unfold before your eyes. You will walk among splendid sixteenth-century buildings such as Palazzo Antinori and Palazzo Strozzi, until the cobbled streets will take you to Piazza del Duomo, in front of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Giotto's bell tower. You have arrived at the most iconic place in the city, admire the red dome by Filippo Brunelleschi from 1436 and the white, pink and green marble facade of the bell tower. From its top you can admire an incomparable view of the city and the surrounding hills. Opposite the Duomo, reserve part of your admiration for the Romanesque-style Baptistery of San Giovanni. Another nerve center of the city is the nearby Piazza della Repubblica, dominated by the Colonna dell'Abbondanza. This square has always been used for commerce and housed the Old Market. Continuing your walk, follow via dei Calzaiuoli towards Piazza della Signoria, the center of social life in Florence where art reigns supreme. The square is in fact dominated by the fourteenth-century Palazzo Vecchio, now the Town Hall, and by the Loggia dei Lanzi, an open-air art gallery that houses Renaissance sculptures by Giambologna, Benvenuto Cellini and Agnolo Gaddi. The Fountain of Neptune and the copy of Michelangelo's David complete the picture of the most important attractions of this square. Continuing along the Piazzale degli Uffizi, adjacent to Piazza della Signoria, you will arrive at the Uffizi Gallery, the renowned collection of Renaissance art that has contributed to making Italy famous throughout the world. If you don't have time to admire this enchantment - which takes several hours to appreciate - a few more steps and you will find yourself on the Lung'Arno. From here you can already see another inevitable passage on a trip to Florence, the Ponte Vecchio, dotted with goldsmith shops and workshops. Once you have crossed the bridge you will have entered the so-called Oltrarno and you will finally be able to rest by immersing yourself in the green heart of the Boboli Gardens, a few steps from another important Florentine palace, Palazzo Pitti. If, on the other hand, you prefer to continue your exploration, don't hesitate to get lost in the narrow streets of the lively Santo Spirito district, where you will find numerous artisan workshops and small shops where you can indulge your desire for shopping. Another good reason to enjoy a trip to Florence is its gastronomy. The center of Florence is populated with taverns and restaurants of all kinds, you won't have any difficulty finding a place to refresh yourself after so much walking. If you are a meat lover, you certainly cannot miss the heroine of Florentine cuisine, the steak. How to recognize the real one? She must be tall, freshly cooked on the grill and weighing an average of 2 kg! Not even vegetarians will be left dry, given that another fundamental dish of Tuscan cuisine is ribollita, a soup of vegetables and bread (strictly Florentine, i.e. without salt). The artistic and cultural richness of Florence is so vast that it is impossible to settle for just one day to visit it: with the Italo train it is so easy to reach it that we are sure you will repeat the experience!

Traveling to Bologna

Emilia Romagna, home of good food and the unmistakable happiness of its inhabitants, is the place to be. the ideal destination for a comfortable train journey: with Italo you can easily get to Bologna and stroll among its famous arcades and medieval palaces.
Its cobbled floors recall its great medieval past, which manages to harmonize with its current modern character which makes it one of the most important cities in the world. more Italian state-of-the-art.
Bologna is the city of Bologna. headquarters of one of the Universities; more ancient of the world, for this reason it has always been; privileged destination for Italian and international students, who have forged its cosmopolitan and jovial character. Is not serious; a case that Bologna also enjoys several affectionate nicknames that refer to its cornerstones. Bologna la Grassa, in honor of its renowned culinary tradition; Bologna la Dotta, thanks to its university; founded in 1088. Bologna la Rossa, a clear reference to the terracotta color of its historic buildings and arcades.
For a walk among its most important places; beautiful you will be spoiled for choice: whether you are a cultural traveler, a lover of museums and ancient churches, or more; devoted to the good life between good food and entertainment, Bologna will not be able to; let you down.
Start your itinerary from Piazza Maggiore, seat of the Municipality since 1336 and also sung by the most famous Bolognese singer-songwriter; famous, Lucio Dalla. Here you will find the Palazzo Comunale and the Municipal Art Collections inside which will allow you to get an idea of the history and culture of the city. from 13º to 19º century. From this square starts the large covered path of the arcades, which wind through the city. 40 kilometers old and are candidates to enter the UNESCO World Heritage List.
If you are in Bologna to appreciate its art, then the second stop not to be missed is the; the National Art Gallery, which houses some of the most important works; important names in the Emilian art scene such as Giotto, Parmigianino, the Carracci brothers and Raffaello.
If, on the other hand, you'd rather explore downtown further and maybe do some outdoor activities, then you'll want to explore the city further. physics, what better occasion to climb the famous towers of Bologna? The Torre degli Asinelli and the Torre Garisenda dominate Piazza Ravegnana and are the symbol of the city, built by the Asinelli family between 1109 and 1119. high with its 97 meters and 498 steps, it is; open to the public; A visit is recommended only if you don't suffer from vertigo or if you have already done it. graduate... urban legend has it that climbing the tower brings bad luck to students who have not yet graduated!
On the other hand, to find out about the ecclesiastical itinerary of Bologna and some of its most important architectural works, the magnificent, it begins with the Abbey of Santo Stefano and the Gothic Basilica of San Petronio, which is positioned at 15º placed among the most important churches; greats of the world. The centuries-old artisan and commercial tradition of Bologna make it a privileged destination for shopping too. The area at most high commercial concentration is; that of the Quadrilatero, which historically houses numerous artisan shops, jewelers, markets and local gastronomy shops. Finding this pulsating commercial heart of the city is a great place to be. it is easy, it starts from piazza Maggiore, and goes along via Rizzoli, pizza della Mercanzia, via Castiglione, via Farini, piazza Galvani and via dell'Archiginnasio.
It is worth visiting Bologna even just to try its renowned gastronomy: you are in the homeland of tortellini, ragù, mortadella... it is impossible to remain indifferent to the wide range of typical restaurants and taverns that you will find to every corner of the city!
Finally, to appreciate Bologna at its best; green, you can get away from the center and enjoy moments of relaxation among the Bolognese hills. There are numerous public parks that you can visit. accessed during an out-of-town excursion in the hills, such as the Villa Spada Park, San Pellegrino or Villa delle Rose.
Now you just have to buy your Italo ticket and leave for Bologna!


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