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  • If I purchase a ticket online, how will it be sent to me?

    Your ticket information will be e-mailed to you. If you wish, you may also receive the information in brief form in a text message.

  • I cannot travel or do not wish to do so; can I request a ticket refund? Are all types of ticket refundable?

    If you purchased a ticket but you don’t want to travel any more, Italo allows you to renounce your trip up to three minutes prior to the train’s scheduled departure time and request a refund, withholding 20% of the total ticket price, not including the cost of any accessory services (films and meals).
    Refunds are not available for Economy and Low cost tickets. Before purchasing your ticket, Italo recommends you read the information on refunds for various ticket types carefully.

  • What information appears on the ticket?

    The ticket shows the traveller’s name and surname (name may be incomplete on tickets purchased through Self Service Ticket Machines, or may be in the form of initials, in the case of Platform Bookings), Ticket Code consisting of 6 letters and numbers forming the PNR code.
    The ticket also contains complete information on the trip purchased:

    - scheduled departure and arrival date and time;
    - departure and arrival station;
    - train number, journey ambience, assigned coach and seat; any additional services you may have purchased;
    - amount paid;
    - ticket purchase date, method of purchase and issuer;
    - the “CIV” abbreviation demonstrating that carriage is subject to EC Regulation no. 1371/2007 regarding rail travellers’ rights and obligations.
    Instructions for consulting the Contract of Carriage are also provided.
    It’s important to know that the Italo ticket is electronic, in that it is based on a computerised record of your travel data which is stored in NTV’s booking systems. All you need to travel is:

    - your Ticket Code (also referred to as PNR code), which you must keep carefully for the entire duration of the trip and provide to on-board staff checking tickets.
    - A valid identity document, which you must exhibit to on-board staff to demonstrate that you are the actual owner of your ticket if requested to do so. If you choose to print your ticket record and take it with you, do not lose it, or you might be a victim of fraud.

  • What is a promo code?

    Promo Code is an alphanumeric code that allows you to get an immediate reduction on prices/commercial offers.

  • How can I request a ticket refund?

    To request a refund, you must always provide your Ticket Code and the name appearing on your ticket. The channels available for requesting refunds are the internet site, the Pronto Italo Contact Center, the Self Service Ticket Machines and Travel Agencies:

    - refunds for meal services are available through all sales channels except Self Service Ticket Machines;
    - refunds for films may be requested through Pronto Italo;
    - tickets purchased from Travel Agencies may be refunded only by the same Agency or by contacting Pronto Italo.
    The form in which Italo refunds you the cost of your ticket depends on the method you used to pay for it:

    - if you paid by credit card or prepaid card via Pronto Italo or the internet site the amount will be credited to the credit card or prepaid card used.
    - if you paid by:
    a) credit card or prepaid card through the Self Service Ticket Machines or Italo staff;
    b) Italo or Borsellino Italo credit
    c) cash or a direct debit card through the Self Service Ticket Machines or Italo staff by crediting the amount to your Credito Italo or Borsellino Italo account.

    - if you paid in cash or by direct debit card via the Self Service Ticket Machines or Italo staff (this type of refund must be requested via Pronto Italo), by cheque or transfer of funds.

    If you purchased your ticket from a Travel Agency, you must request a refund from the same Agency using the methods applied by the Agency, or by contacting Pronto Italo, which will refund you by:

    - crediting the amount to the Traveller’s credit card, if used to make the purchase;
    - crediting the amount to the Agency’s credit card, if used to make the purchase, or to your Credito Italo or Borsellino Italo account.

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