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Basic Maximum flexibility for your journey

You can change, travel date and time and the traveller’s name as many times as you like prior to departure time. You can also decide not to travel, prior to your train’s departure time, and obtain a refund of your ticket price minus 20%.

Missed your train? You have an hour to find a seat on the next train (subject to availability). Contact Italo staff in the station.

Available in Smart, Prima and Club.

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Economy Flexible and inexpensive: another option with Italo

Economy offers you a cheaper ticket than the Basic price, with unlimited changes prior to departure time for a small fee (10%). This type of ticket cannot be refunded. Traveller name may be changed free of charge.

Economy tickets are available in Smart, Prima and Club; availability is dynamic, depending on the selected train and how early you purchase your ticket.

Economy offers even more flexibility from 4 March: fares for given routes vary depending on the day of the week and the time of the train, meaning that by booking further in advance you can make a further saving on listed prices. As the departure date approaches, different Economy fares will be made available, all offering you a significant saving with respect to a Base ticket.

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Low Cost Get your best value for money on Italo

Low Cost tickets are available for Smart and, since august, also in Prima for journey starting from September 1st and offer you the best value for money. No date or time changes or refunds are permitted, but the traveller’s name may be changed free of charge.
Low Cost tickets need not necessarily be purchased in advance, but are subject to availability, which varies dynamically depending on the selected train and how early you purchase your ticket.

Plan your trip early if you want to save money with a Low Cost ticket!

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"There and back" offer Purchase a Return trip with Italo and save 5%

Save 5% on the overall fare when you purchase both your outbound and return journey at once, even if travelling on two different days. The promotion applies to Base, Economy, Low Cost and Promo Italo fares, even if the outbound and return journeys are at different fares.

For example:
By purchasing an Economy outbound ticket and a Low Cost return for a journey between Milan and Rome, for a total of 100 euro, you save 5 euro.

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"There and back" - 20%, Saturday special Purchase a Return Trip with Italo and save 5% and if you travel on saturday discount is up to 20%.

On Saturday "There and Back" offer is even more convenient. If one of the journeys is on saturday you can save 20% on prices" i.e. If you buy a journey between Milano-Roma in Smart ambience with an Economy offer, with departure on saturday (77€) and return on sunday (77€), for a total of 154€, you can save 15,4€ on first journey and other 3,85€ on the second.

The offer can be purchased on all channels except self-service ticket machines and Italo staff on board.

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"Bordo" price Speed and Accommodation, directly on board

If you want to travel with the easiness of booking "at the rail" and buy the ticket with the "board" offer, you can address directly to the Italo Staff near the train.
You'll be assigned a seat in your preferred ambience (Smart, Prima, Club) and can pay once on-board.

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Did you know that...
Italo offers you three different types of pricing - BASIC, ECONOMY, LOW COST – offering different levels of ticket flexibility (changes and refunds) associated with different prices for your journey with Italo.

Availability of the lowest-priced tickets (ECONOMY and LOW COST) varies dynamically depending on journey ambience and departure date and time. The earlier you buy your ticket, the more choice you will have; but Economy and Low Cost tickets need not necessarily be bought in advance.

All Italo tickets are issued in a specific name, with an assigned seat.