Italo Real Time

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Torino P. Susa


ItaloDestinationScheduleDelayNew TimeTrack
Milano P.Ga. (1:16 PM) - Milano Rog. (1:37 PM) - R.Emilia Mediopadana (2:12 PM) - Bologna (2:41 PM) - Rimini (3:40 PM) - Pesaro (4:00 PM) - Ancona (4:34 PM)


ItaloOriginScheduleDelayNew TimeTrack
9914NAPOLI C.LE12:123
Napoli C. (6:45 AM) - Roma Tib. (7:55 AM) - Firenze S.M. (9:25 AM) - Bologna (10:03 AM) - R.Emilia Mediopadana (10:24 AM) - Milano Rog. (11:05 AM) - Milano P.Ga. (11:28 AM)

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