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The train

Italo is an ultra-modern train designed by global leader Alstom to meet demand for comfortable and safe High Speed travel.

Engineered to reach speeds of up to 360 km/h, Italo’s cutting-edge technology is underlined by two innovations: the articulated frame which permits wider coaches and the distributed drive system with motors positioned on the bogies to optimise the train’s power. This second innovation was designed as an alternative to the traditional motor drive situated in the first and last coaches, offering real benefits for travellers in terms of the amount of space available on board the train and comfort during the journey.

Italo offers a unique combination of three essential features: Safety, Comfort and Eco-sustainability. Find out more.


Italo offers its travellers the highest level of safety. Italo’s passive safety features fully comply with the most recent European Union regulations.

Protection in the event of a collision is ensured by shock absorbers built onto the front of the train which reduce the effect of the impact and by the train’s articulated structure, which requires stronger links between coaches than in conventional trains. Coaches are linked by means of a bogie: this improves the train's resistance to side winds and safety in case of any strong stress, compared to a non-articulated train.


Alstom’s engineers set out to create the perfect coach for Italo travellers. By combining the following features in particular, the team has successfully designed welcoming, relaxing and well-lit travelling environments:

  • brighter interiors (+20% more glass surfaces compared to the high-speed trains currently in circulation)

  • comprehensive air-conditioning without air currents at window level

  • greater internal coach width (+9 cm compared to current trains) so travellers have more space on either side of them: wider seatbacks and armrests, more elbow room.

  • internal layout (most seats face in same direction) favours privacy and guarantees more legroom, since travellers no longer share legroom with the person sitting opposite.

  • the traveller area is lavishly equipped (Frau leather seats, reclining seatbacks and armrests, individual electric sockets, reading lights) and completed with an easy-to-reach luggage rack.

The coach features complement the level of comfort with a marked reduction in vibrations and noise at high speeds, thanks to the reduction in the number of bogies, a particular trait of Italo’s articulated architecture.


Italo is the end result of an ecodesign process which aimed to reduce the pollution, and which took the entire life cycle of the train, from initial construction to final recycling, into account. Trains are made out of 98% recyclable materials, such as aluminium, steel, copper and glass.

In addition, thanks to the use of composite materials, the greater effectiveness of the traction systems and the articulated architecture, Italo is around 70 tons lighter than trains made by the competition, thus ensuring 10% lower energy consumption compared to a similar conventional train.

Finally, Italo uses innovative solutions to reduce noise pollution. The positioning of the bogies (which are placed between and not under the passenger coaches), the aerodynamic design, the addition of air deflectors, use of noise absorbers, insulating materials, and improved contact between the wheels and the track are some of the innovations in acoustics which enable Italo to offer quieter journeys - both for travellers on board and people near the tracks.

To summarise in a few numbers: Italo offers the same acoustic comfort, externally and internally, at 360 km/h as rival trains travelling at 300 or 320 km/h.