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  • Reclining leather seats
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Welcome Service
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Take your seat in Prima. Our staff will welcome you with drinks and snacks as part of the high quality service and elegance of this journey ambience.
In Prima, for your comfort, we have arranged reclining Frau leather seats in rows of three, with a wide aisle and ample individual space for travellers. For instance, seats beside each other have single armrests with almost 5 cm between them, to maximise your personal space.

There is plenty of legroom, with seats set 960 mm apart and reclining footrests, and numerous minor conveniences including easily accessible electric sockets, handily located light switches and small storage boxes between double seats. Wi-Fi and free access to the Italolive on-board portal, including live TV, are provided in all coaches

Comfort and service,
are our guiding principles in Prima:

  • if you want to stretch your legs when travelling, you can go to the “Break Area” in coach 3.
  • if you need information or you want assistance to organise your journey, you will always find our staff on hand.
Did you know that...
You can book your meal and save money If you book your meal when you buy your ticket in Prima you will be sure to find your favourite menu and enjoy a discount compared to buying on board. You can relax completely during your journey