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Discover Italo 

Food & Drink
  • Italobox: High quality recipes
  • Food & drink served at your seat in all ambiences
  • Welcome Service in Prima and Club
  • Vending machines
Italo with Eataly, cuisine on the move
High Speed travel means reducing travel distances and times, and so Italo has reinvented on-board food & drink by directing it towards light but tasty meals to arouse your curiosity and offer that little extra something to discover on your travels. To achieve this, we have entrusted our meal service to Eataly, a leading expert on Italian gastronomy and the highest quality cuisine, which has developed on-board menus for service at your seat exclusively for Italo.

High quality ingredients, regional recipes
Italo has a simple formula for on-board refreshment based on the highest quality ingredients. The meals, which are regionally based and frequently varied, are served at your seat and pre-prepared directly at source, and do not need to be cooked on board. Together with Eataly chefs, Italo has selected recipes which use only seasonal and natural ingredients without any additives or preservatives. The meals are served in glass containers, to ensure the utmost quality and hygiene. There are 2 different menus (Gustoso and Orto) which are served in an Italobox, plus a selection of snacks (Spuntino Salato, Spuntino Ghiotto, Colazione), served as the ItaloSnack.

Served at your seat by our staff for your convenience
In Smart, Smart XL, Prima and Club Executive, while you are comfortably seated, you can choose from among different menus and be served by our staff at established lunch and dinner times. On direct morning trains without any intermediate stops between Milan and Rome, in Prima and Club Executive you can also enjoy the Italo Breakfast, a selection of products created by Eataly for the best possible start to the day.

Welcome Service in Prima and Club Executive
Italo welcomes you to Prima and Club Executive with a selected snack accompanied by a drink and, in the morning, a newspaper of your choice. To make your journey even more special, on direct Italo trains between Milan and Rome you will be served, in Prima too, an espresso coffee just like at a bar, prepared directly at your seat.

Snack Area on Smart Ambience
There is a small Snack Area in coach 7 where travellers may purchase espresso coffee, cold drinks and snacks at competitive prices from self-service vending machines.

Did you know that...
You can book your favourite menu and save money In Prima and Club Executive, you can book your favourite menu when you buy your ticket (except at self-service ticket machines): that way you won’t miss out and you will also receive a discount compared to buying your meal on board. Eco-sustainable meals on Italo trains All the companies operating under the Eataly brand act sustainably, and the distribution chain is kept as short as possible. Italo makes wide use of eco-sustainable and recyclable materials, from the packaging of the Italobox, to cutlery, up to the glass in which the meals are served.
  • Lunch
  • Approximately 12:30 to 2:30pm.
  • Dinner
  • Approximately 7:30 to 9:30pm.