Discover Italo 

Italo is the product of various elements which make up a new and modern transport service, brought together by NTV.

NTV combines the know-how of a group of highly experienced professionals from the railway and services industry with the most advanced technology:

  • a latest-generation High Speed train, designed by global leader Alstom
  • an innovative fleet maintenance site in Italo’s railway yards in Nola
  • an operations room equipped with newly-developed information systems to manage the service and provide travellers with real-time information.
Finally customer service is a priority for Italo, and the company understands the value of trained staff like those our Training School as well as the importance of the most up-to-date technology to ensure our travellers benefit from customised assistance at all stages of their journey.

These factors come together to give you Italo,

Finally you have a choice