É in arrivo il nuovo italotreno.it

Vuoi essere il primo a provare il nuovo sito di Italo ?

Italotreno.it cambia veste e si rinnova per venire incontro ancora di più alle esigenze dei viaggiatori.

Da oggi è possibile provare la versione beta!




 Promo Code 

What is a promo code?

Promo Code is an alphanumeric code that allows you to get an immediate reduction on prices/commercial offers.

Where can i use the promo code?

You can use Promo Code both on italotreno.it and travel agency or by booking through Pronto Italo.

Which data do i need to disfrut for a promo code?

Promo Code is not related to any personal data, none information is required in order to use it to reduce the price and it’s available both for registered and not registered users. You can use it starting from the activation date until the expiration.

Where should do i insert the promo code in order to get a?

Promo Code must be inserted before arriving to the payment step during the booking of your train ticket. You have the possibilities to insert the code directly on the search box on the homepage of italotreno.it or in the “Booking” page and finally on the prices matrix, where you have also the option to remove it.

Can i use a promo code to book a meal?

Promo Code canno’t be used as discount for or to book a meal together with a train ticket.